Monday, January 16, 2006

Frivolous Updating

Well I am back at school. I am very happy about that! Classes start tomorrow -and I'm very excited about them too. I have a fine assortment of history classes of course...two Medieval, one British, one American, and a college seminar.

My new roomie and I have been running around catching up with people and getting ready for classes, so I haven't really seen her (another prodigal roommate?) She seems nice. And she has yet to unpack anything. I appreciate the clutter, it makes mine look better and make me feel more comfortable. I think we'll get along nicely. ;-)

I would like to post things of greater substance soon. I took a bunch of pictures over break I'd like to post and comment stay tuned....just as soon as I get motivated!


Claire said...

Mm, medieval. I, too, am finally taking a medieval history course, to supplement my Latin and whatnot, and it is going to be awesome. :) Glad things are looking good!

Caitlyn said...

Welcome back Mary Liz!