Wednesday, January 25, 2006

St Francis

One more St. Francis thing:

These were sent from my high school's alumnae association in honor of our patron:

Go courageously to do whateveryou are called to do.
If you have any fears, say to your soul:“The Lord will provide for us.”If your weakness troubles you,cast yourselves on God, and trust in him.The apostles were mostly unlearned fishermen,but God gave them learning enoughfor the work they had to do.Trust in him, depend on his providence;fear nothing.~St. Francis de Sales

Even though everything turns and changes around us, we must everremain steady-always looking, striving, and aspiring toward God.
No matter what course the ship takes, no matter whether it sailsto the east, west, north, or south, no matter what winds drive it on,the mariner's needle never points in any direction except toward the polar star. ~St. Francis de Sales

Very good for everyone, but especially the Sailors of MDSA


Anna Clare said...

I'm swiping these and posting them in my blogs, with due credits to you and St. F, of course.

MC said...

I was going to say what you said about it being good for the MDS Sailors especially. Those are very good quotes.