Thursday, January 26, 2006

To Monologue or Not to Monologue

That is the question

My "Monologue" appeared in the Observer (the main campus paper for you non-ND people)

It is an attempt to present a more moderate, less hyper view of the situation.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, go here.


Caitlyn said...

Nicely said Mary Liz. I was quite excited when I saw your name in the paper!

Philip said...

I'm impressed! A well-reasoned and well-articulated opinion presented not just as a negative argument (against some view) but also a positive (offering an alternative way of promoting the dignity of women). Thanks for taking the trouble to write.

Becky said...

Thanks for your comments in the Observer yesterday. It was an accurate assessment of the situation on campus, with good suggestions and a sense of faith to boot.

John ND 58 said...

Mary Liz:

I had no idea that battered female students represented such a big problem at ND. It seems from your testimony that Father Hesburgh opened a can of worms after the St. Mary's/ND merger fell through by having ND go co-ed, and now Father Jenkins is left to deal with the maimed and abused. Have their been any murders, or just assaults?

Simply sponsoring the Vagina Monologues is not nearly enough of a response on the part of the University in an attempt to rectify the damage from this sordid criminal behavior, which apparently is ongoing. Your article has made me sympathetic with those who challenged Father Jenkins' address. Much more needs to be done to protect ND's female population, and any attempt to stifle remediation is most unwelcome.

Mary Liz said...

Thanks Caitlyn, Philip and Becky!

John nd 58: I really hope you're joking here. Otherwise I'm not quite sure where you got your ideas. Battered female students really don't represent that big of a problem. And the Monologues are no way to solve a problem.

Tom said...

I enjoyed reading your letter to The Observer. I particularly liked your suggestion of using the "Theology of the Body" to combat mistreatment of women. I had the same thought. Two years ago, an ND student sent an email to my local alumni club soliciting donations for the V-logues. I encouraged club members to attend a "Theology of the Body" talk by Christopher West instead. Your letter proved a valuable reference in a post on my blog. Keep up the good work and stay sober. God bless.

Class of '95

P.S. John nd 58 must be joking.

Jerry said...

Hi Mary Liz,

To introduce myself, I'm the "Jerry" fellow from the tomandjerry95 blog. Tom's posts have been mostly theology related, while mine have been more humor/pop culture related (I mean, someone has to tackle the tough issues like whether to cut your bread at dinner or break it with your hands). I would like to join him in commending you on your mature and (dare I say it) sober letter to the Observer. I read Jenkins' address and found it to be very reasoned and honest, both intellectually and spiritually. To the folks crying "Foul!!" over it, well, I have no idea what address they listened to....

I also liked your suggestions about following other avenues in discovering the beauty and uniqueness of human sexuality. I find the Theology of the Body very enriching, and I was not aware that the ND Right To Life folks were attempting to initiate a women's center on campus. How good it would be to see young women have outlets to recieve positive information about themselves, their bodies, and their sexuality instead of the same old tired "your body is a machine -- use it for your pleasure" crap that gets fed to them through our culture.

Take care, and keep up the good work,

ND '95

John ND '58 said...

Fellow commenters:

". . . I want all to understand there are a mulititude of avenues that exist which offer hope for ending the violence against women that so many spoke of after Father Jenkins' speech."

I assumed from this reference by Mary Liz that violence against women is a major problem on the ND campus. Otherwise, why make the comment? In response, I wanted to associate myself with those who want to use the Vagina Monologues, or any other hortatory means, to reduce this shameful abuse.

What if it's not a problem on campus? Then I'm afraid her comment is reminiscent of the Miss America candidates in the Sandra Bullock movie, who want to end world hunger, inaugurate world peace, save the environment, eliminate AIDS, stamp out violence against women, redefine "marriage," modernize the Church in the "spirit of Vatican II," etc.

And, yes, I had "A Modest Proposal" in mind.

Mary Liz said...

Thanks for the comments Jerry!

John nd '58:
"Violence against women" does not particularly refer to violence against the women of Notre Dame. I was merely using the words of my fellow students and responding to their concerns and ideas. You unfortunately seemed to have missed out on the question and answer session to which I was referring, and therefore have taken my writing completely out of context.

Note “that so many spoke of after Fr. Jenkins’ speech” – that’s them, not me.

John nd '58 said...

One last try, Mary Liz:

The meme, "violence against women, ending thereof," is as empty a statement as anything the aspiring Miss Americas trotted out in the S. Bullock movie. It should have been pointed out as such.

The fact that some students on the ND campus are walking around with catch-phrases such as the one you quoted in their heads suggests to me that the level of instruction in the classrooms is abysmal. Otherwise, it would long ago have been revealed for what it is--idealistic wishful thinking, on a Catholic campus, no less. No reference to Revelation, no reference to conversion. To give it credence through repetition helps this heresy to stay alive.

Keep up the good work. By the way I haven't heard a Presidential address (ND variety) since Rev. Hesburgh announced from the steps of the La Fortune Student Center that classes would be canceled after the Irish beat Oklahoma in 1957.

Mary Liz said...

The meme, "violence against women, ending thereof," is as empty a statement as anything the aspiring Miss Americas trotted out in the S. Bullock movie.

Well, yeah. Just don't call me an empty headed Miss America please!

To give it credence through repetition helps this heresy to stay alive.

Perhaps, but the fact that this is what the entire "other side" is advocating can't be dismissed entirely. It might be idealistic wishful thinking, but the thought still exists and needs to be addressed for these people.