Tuesday, February 21, 2006

On Traddies

One Trad, Two Trads, Mad Trads, Rad Trads...

A Brief Guide to identifying "Traditionalists"

The "Traditional" Catholic is one who appreciates the pre-Vatican II "Tridentine" Mass. They do however come in many shapes and sizes.

The Standard List:

Trad: Traditional Catholic, also may be referred to as a Traddy
*update: Also Trid or Triddy in reference to the Tridentine Mass

Mad Trad: Hates VatII. Believes that it is the root of all current Church problems. Typically Mad Trads were born before the Council and are angry that it stole their beloved Mass. Occasionally, younger Mad Trads who are enraged over the loss of their birthright may be found.

Rad Trad: Hates VatII. May seriously question the validity of the Novus Ordo- or at least individual Masses. Their solution to the problem is a radical switch back to the pre-Vatican II days and eradication of the Novus Ordo. They are nearly always, though not necessarily Mad Trads.

Neo Trads: Accepting of VatII. This segment is rapidly growing among younger Catholics around the college age. They often disapprove of the anger and radicalness of prominent figures in the "Traditionalist Movement." Nevertheless, they prefer the Tridentine over the Novus Ordo. Often seek more gentle and creative ways to increase awareness of the Tridentine Mass among their generation.

*update Glad Trads: Simliar to NeoTrads. Typically those born after VatII who grew up in Novus Ordo parishes and later discovered that the Tridentine liturgy is alive, thriving and acessable.

Others of Less Repute:

Sedes: "Sede Vacantes" Believe the Seat of Peter is vacant and that the current pope is an anti-pope. They have been known to elect their own anti-popes.

Indies: Attendants of "independent" parishes/chapels which offer the Tridentine Mass without the bishop's permission. Their standing with the church is often rather sketchy.

SSPXers: Followers of the Society of St. Pius X - who we all hope will be fully brought home soon!

Feeneyites: Followers of Fr. Leonard Feeney - best known because of the St Benedict Center and their rejection of salvation outside of baptism by water with in the Catholic Church

*update: Schisies/Schisos: Schismatics.

There are more I know these are just a few that came to my mind tonight....if you have a favorite faction let me know and I will include it.


Thursday said...

what about "1918ers" (no, that's not 1337!) Those who refuse to accept the Code of Cannon law of 1983. Usually sedes.

Yours in Christ,

Ma Beck said...

I'm a Glad Trad.
That is, I'm a young (well, relatively speaking) Catholic who grew up in the watered down CCD classes
of the 80s, during the genesis of reeeeally crappy 'music', who finally realized that
a) there are Churches where the Mass is said reverently, in accordance with Canon Law, and
b) I live near one of these Churches.
I realize that I can overcome my crappy catechesis and embrace the Roman Catholic Church of the ages, and
her docrines and dogmas.
I get happy when Friday or so rolls around, because I know it's almost Sunday! Yay Mass!

Caitlyn said...

nice. . . a Glad Trad. I love it.

Mary Liz said...

Glad Trad! That's awesome! We could really use you more of you around

Ma Beck said...

After a conversation I had tonight, I must add a group:
The Mad Rads.
These are the Mad Radicals.
Any mention of the Tridentine Mass sends them into convulsions, and they periodically spit
out things like, "Stupid dead language", "Old people", and "Get with the times".
These people generally profess to be 'anti-abortion', but love to throw out the old "Life of the mother" lie,
and the incest baby, though infintesimally rare, is quite popular with them, so that one might think it's as common
as Cheese Pizza on a Friday, nevermind the fact that having a rapist Grandfather for a father shouldn't be
a capital crime.
They think it's ludicrous of the Catholic Church to presume to tell them not to contracept.
The last time they saw the inside of a Confessional, their sins consisted of "I lied to my parents, I hit my brother,
I didn't take out the garbage, and I sassed my teacher".
These people wail and moan about the sad state of the Roman Catholic Church, but that's because they attend
places like St. Sabina's or St. Joan of Arc, St. Paul, MN., and think all Churches are that empty and barren
and devoid of a moral compass.
And when they speak, they make orthodox Catholics, those who obey the Magesterium and the Pope and practice their faith,
well, they make them feel sad, and lonely, and isolationist.
I'm sorry. I'm venting, aren't I?
Mea culpa.

Matthew said...

I like that, Glad Trads!

Mary Liz said...

ouch Cathy! That Mad Rad comment made you sound like a Mad Trad!!!


Ma Beck said...

Yeah, I know. I was just venting, I had gotten my feelings pretty hurt that night.

"Come on, people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together try to love one another right now."

Anna Clare said...

Mary E., I love this list!!! It's about sometime someone consoladated it into an easy-to-digest format. ;)