Wednesday, March 15, 2006

break's progress...or not

Well my friends, it is clear that I am failing miserably in making any use out of my spring break - except of course sleep. In the sleep department I am succeeding quite well. Oh yes! Hours upon hours of the sleep I usually don't get....or for that matter really don't need.

Ok, so I have done a few things - all of which I've more or less failed - like getting my car (er truck)'s emission test done, which it of course failed.

*very sour look*

Then there was the goal of posting something of worth on this blog, which I may yet do, but until then, I have failed again.

Same goes for those facebook pictures, Ireland pictures, visiting people, cleaning out my room...

*bangs head against computer*


Thursday said...

I failed to write a seminar on Faith and Philosophy for my class on Radical Orthodoxy. I found out you can't pick up Thomas Aquinas in a week. So, yeah I failed spring break too.

Yours in Christ,

I did finish the seminar, at 4 AM the day it was due.

Anonymous said...

You had dinner with me. I do not count that as failing Spring Break. Have a great rest of the semester hun. KK