Saturday, June 24, 2006

such a slacker

Yes I am a slacker. I clearly cannot keep up with both work and blogging. I think I have good reason to excuse my shortcomings; but others may not, and seeing as how others are usually wiser than myself, I'll side with them.

Anyways, other blogs are doing a fine job of updating the world on religious news. I find it all very interesting.

Bad religion joke for the day comes from my very Scottish and Presbyterian supervisor at my day job:
Background: We're talking about Notre Dame, myself and the myths held by my mother up until the past few months that Notre Dame is an evil nest of heretics that will cause any student to loose their soul.
Him: But your mother's fine with it now. That's good.
Me: Yeah it is. In fact Notre Dame had the opposite effect...I go to church more often now than I did before I went.
Him: hmm Catholic Church?
Me: of course.... (grinning, about ready to make a wise crack)
Him:(grinning as well) Well you know, there's always room for you over in the one true Kirk too

terrible, terrible. I know.

Well speaking of Church and work, I must be off so I can make both tomorrow. As for the controversy of my "inflammatory post" you can all rest well because it turns out that the Church closest to my work place has a 7AM Mass which is perfect timing. The parish seems pretty decent - but more on that later.

I am also thrilled because tomorrow after work I'm going to go visit some very dear friends up in New Jersey and NYC - including Master Matt of the Holy Whapping


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