Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Randomness - the life of the Tank and more

Anyone who knows me knows the "Tridentine" Tank...my beast of a truck that has faithfully served my father, and now me, for over a decade. Recently it has begun to show its age in rather unsettling ways. Despite its serious problems, it seems that if I want to continue to have a car I will have to rely on God's mercy and hope that He makes sure the Tank keeps running.

Last night I was talking with my good friend "Discipula Doctoris Subtilis" about my car problems and the lack of funds to purchase a new one. One idea floating around is to sell the Tank for the little is worth and use that money to help buy a replacement.

And how do you think she thinks I should go about doing this?
"Well, I think you should find a place where the soil lies deep in the trunk of the car, and bury a St. Joseph statue. The only problem is I'm not sure which way he should face."

Thank you, dear - But despite the teasing, the car isn't that dirty!

More of her sage wisdom from today:
Me: It could be a sign!
Her: Psh signs. I don't believe in signs...well at least not that kind...
Me: Well, there are traffic signs too...but personally I don't believe in them either. Especially stop signs.
Her: You agnostic! I always knew it!
Me: Come now...
Her: Fine. So I am one too.

A couple more random notes since I haven't cluttered my blog with this stuff in awhile:

Two options for what my "Famous Last Words" will be:

The more realistic answer:
Your Famous Last Words Will Be:

"What we know is not much. What we don't know is enormous."

The more fun and exciting (ie dying in an apocolyspe at the age of 35 - er if you can call that fun) answer:
Your Famous Last Words Will Be:

"I dunno, press the button and find out."

(hat tip to MaBeck for posting her famous last words like two weeks ago...yes I'm behind in my blog reading :-( )

While I'm mentioning MaBeck, go check out her awesome pro-life posts she put up all through July.


Claire said...

Just in case you weren't looking forward enough to being back at ND: there's good news for football, apparently.

Mary Catherine said...

Weren't looking forward to going back? Mary Elizabeth? Anything but!
About the Tank, at least we got the rust off the bumper and the red paint off that dent yesterday!