Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Happy Feast of Saint Dominic!

...most especially to those eight men who have just received their habit today, and even more particularly to the Domers among them!

Like Em, I'm ridiculously happy and bursting with pride right now!

Go look at them - and watch the video too!



MC said...

Squeeeeee! He sent me the video and I watched it! :D I'm happy for him! And you were bouncing around the house with joy! haha

Jenny said...

~reeeeeee!~, *squeeeeee!*, and all other joyful exclamations!

mc said...

haha that is catching on all over the place! it started with the students from Notre Dame and now look at us, me and Jenny have caught on! it's speading to the siblings, reeeeee!

Tom said...

What province did they join?