Friday, October 20, 2006

Bermuda Triangle - or something like that

There is something about my new (ok so I've been living in it 2 months now) dorm room. Really. It's like I'm living in the Bermuda Triangle.

Paranormal. Physics defied. Yup. Sounds like this place.

Check out this unexplained:

Socks disappear all the time (ok, so that's not paranormal)
my shower flip-flops disappear. -I use them everyday! How can it be that one morning I roll out of bed and they are gone!?
One of my shoes disappears. Not the pair, just one.

I know. You're skeptical. You're thinking it's just a typical college dorm and I'm your typical slovenly college student.

But I promise you that can't be the full explanation! I just cleaned the common room over break - top to bottom - can't find these things. I cleaned my half of my room top to bottom - can't find these things.

Sock, shoes, fine so maybe such things do have a habit of disappearing, but how about this:
My key - not keys, no just one key - disappeared off my key ring.

Keys do not just unwind themselves off key rings. Nor do they spontaneously unclip themselves from carabiners. No! That just does not happen! They are inanimate objects!

Can you explain?

Or are you still not convinced?

One more thing: *I* disappeared! Over two months without a single blog post!

Yes this place is strange.

St. Anthony pray for me!!


Joseph, M.T.S. said...

I once heard of some theoretical physics that proposed an idea of "tunneling". I believe in this a wormhole causes an object to "tunnel" from its present location to another location in the universe. Perhaps your room is evidence that this is more than just a theory...but it does seem odd that it would happen so often in your room. Mayhap it is some sort of nexus.

Claire said...

That is very odd, especially the part about the keys. Glad to see you back in the blogosphere, though!

Jenny said...

Do the students still do that key jingling thing at the Irish games? Maybe that's where you lost it.

Mary Liz said...

Ahh good thinking, Jenny, but I do know when it disappeared. It went missing between Sunday Oct 8 (last used at 9:30pm) and Tuseday Oct 10 in the football game during that time.

Mary Catherine said...

That sure sounds strange...I would be skeptical if the key was in the middle of the ring. I have an idea but I don't know if it's true, so I'm not going to say it. Since I've been to your dorm I can say this, maybe keep your really important stuff in a spot where you know where it is. Not that you'll lose it, but just so only you know where it will be.