Sunday, October 22, 2006

Nowhere else but Notre Dame

Scene as we're walking past the Knott Knoll.

Robert: Look! A Leprechaun!
Em and Me: What?
*leprechaun sprints up from between Siegfried and Knott towards the JACC*
Us: Wow.

Seriously. You should have seen it. It was a bit surreal.

Should have caught him.

Out of curiosity I checked later, there was a volleyball game he was running to. (ps. it was the official leprechaun and not just a fan dressed up)


mc said...

Cool! Next time get a net and catch him!

Tom said...

I'm glad you're back.

Boots said...

He never goes to the hockey games, he stinks. The guy last year was there often, and he still goes to them, though not in office. I think I should be the unofficial hockey leprechaun.