Friday, June 22, 2007

Feast of St Thomas More & St John Fisher

I mentioned him in my last post and he's still with me...

Today is the feast of St. Thomas More. Everyone around St Blog's seems to be taking note - as they very well should! Dan posted an image and links to the psalter of St Thomas which I highly recommend. Ma Beck also posted some good stuff, as has the Carolina Cannonball. For my part, I'd like to share this gem by St. Thomas on death that I decided was appropriate to put on the last page of the program of my production of Man For All Seasons:

If thou shouldest perceive that one were earnestly proud of the wearing of a gay golden gown while the losel playeth the lord in a stage play, wouldest thou not laugh at his folly, considering that thou art very sure that when the play is done he shall go walk a knave in his old coat?

Now thou thinkest thyself wise enough while thou art proud in thy player's garment and forgettest that when thy play is done thou shalt go forth as poor as he. Nor thou rememberest not that thy pageant may happen to be done as soon as his.

A little sobering thought - the type I am so fond of as my blog suggests. Verbum sapienti satis est.

All this being said, it seems St. John Fisher hasn't been given quite as much credit today by the usual suspects as has St Thomas. He deserves recognition as well. I personally don't have an arsenal of information on him as I do for St. Thomas, but in poking around I found these words of his from just before his execution:

Christian people, I am come hither to die for the faith of Christ's Holy Catholic Church, and I thank God hitherto my stomach hath served me very well thereunto, so that yet I have not feared death.

Wheefore I do desire you all to help and assist me with your prayers, that at the very point and instant of death's stroke, I may in that very moment stand steadfast without fainting in any one point of the Catholic faith free from any fear; and I beseech Almighty God of His infinite goodness to save the king and this Realm, and that it may please Him to hold His holy hand over it, and send the king good Counsel.

Te Deum.....In Te Domine speravi

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