Monday, October 22, 2007

Fall Break Birthday

Stuck here for break on his birthday!

I did my best at something of surprise birthday celebration. But just as I was putting the cake into the oven, I heard from the other room "Well, you know, today's my birthday" "Yes! We know! Happy birthday!" Amidst the chorus of happy birthdays, I poked my head around the corner "Yes, Dan, we know. We were going to surprise you with the cake I just shoved in the oven!" :-)

It was very nice all in all. We had a little cookout (for 18 people) despite a bit of rain. I had some left over burgers and hot dogs from Right to Life's concession stand this past Saturday and then went out today to buy chips and soda and the like. Kudos to the awesome grill team who stood out the rain! You two were awesome :-)

1 comment:

Emily said...

At first, when I looked at that cake picture, it looked like orange jello. Some weird trick of the light.