Tuesday, October 23, 2007


A really great alum of '58 sent this to me today to cheer us up:


Notre Dame beat UCLA, 20-6
UCLA beat Cal, 30-21
Cal beat Oregon, 31-24
Oregon beat Michigan 39-7
So – Notre Dame is 62 points better than Michigan

Oregon beat Stanford 55-21
Stanford beat USC 24-23
So – Notre Dame is 65 points better than USC

Michigan beat Penn State 14-9
So – Notre Dame is 67 points better than Penn State

Michigan beat Purdue 48-21
So – Notre Dame is 89 points better than Purdue

Michigan beat Northwestern 28-16
Northwestern beat Michigan State 48-41
So – Notre Dame is 86 points better than Michigan State

Wake Forest lost to USC 49-31 (17 points)
Wake Forest lost to Boston College 38-28 (10 points)
So – Notre Dame is 72 points better than Boston College

So what’s all the weeping and wailing at Notre Dame ?? We’re undefeated!!
It’s time to seriously consider another contract extension for Coach Weis!!


Tom said...

I was at the game on Saturday. As always the Irish faithful were friendly and gracious even though I am a Trojan. Gotta tell you I am surprised at the play of the Irish. Really like it when they are on top. Makes for a great SC/ND rivalry. Hope you turn it around soon.

Mary Liz said...

Thanks, Tom. I'm glad you had a nice visit.