Monday, March 17, 2008

Papal Preparations

I think the Pope's visit to D.C. could quickly escalate into the riot of the century.

Echo-Domer Paul of Alive and Young posted some very interesting news about everyone's favorite gay-pride group: The Rainbow Sash Movement! Apparently they think its a great idea to:
"shower the Pope mobile with ashes instead of confetti. Ashes are an ancient and appropriate greeting for a sinner who has caused the Church so much division and pain. We will also be greeting him with whistles; these were used by the Polish People to show shame for the violation of human rights by the Communist Government prior to the end of the cold war. This will be a loud call for reform, that the Pope will be unable to turn a deaf ear to."

Stupidity Point #1:
As Paul pointed out this is stupid because:
"Ashes are not a sign for greeting a sinner. Ashes are a sign a sinner willing dons as part of their act of repentance. Repentance cannot be forced upon another by throwing ashes at another. Ashes alone does not make repentance. Also, shouldn't a sinner be welcomed with open arms? Isn't that what Jesus would do. After all, Christ came for the sick and ill."

Stupidity Point #2:
Apparently they missed the memo. B16 is German. John Paul II (may he rest in peace) was the Pole.

Take a moment and read through their webpage. Gotta love "Wafter Wars."
*Mary Liz bangs head multiple times on desk*

AND as if our German Shepherd isn't going to have enough fun with them, Miss Claire reports from Catholic U with news on the brand new vintage-70s IKEA furniture the university's using to spiff up the place. But EVEN BETTER!

"Of course, for every good visitor there will be a bad visitor, which is why Washington, DC will also be playing host to everyone's favorite funeral crashers, the Westboro Baptists. They're equal-opportunity haters, it seems: gay people and Catholics, oh my. (I wonder how they feel about gay Catholics?) There are a number of students, including myself, who are planning a counter-protest. Because, sorry, you don't get to come to our city, insult our Holy Father, and slander our religion without us having something (Christian, peace-filled, and dignified) to say about it."

Just how do they feel about Gay Catholics? Or people who claim to be so anyway?

Oh man - I see it now:


The riot of the century, right there in the nation's capital over the visit of Pope Benedict!

WOW. This going to be great.

The poor Pope.

Claire also asked for suggestions for her sign for the students' counter protest to the Baptists.

I'd like to suggest "Rainbow Sash Movement (gay Catholics) That way -->" (or what ever way they happen to be.

Problem solved. Those two groups can duke it out for a while and the pope can pass through without being killed/covered in ashes.


Claire said...

That would be the best sign ever. And hey, maybe they WILL be so distracted over each other that they forget about the Pope. Poor Benedict.

That'll be an interesting week.

Aldrich said...

My roommate said he wishes the Pope would come to ND so he could yell at him. I'm making him sign a contract that such thing will never be uttered in the room again.

a thorn in the pew said...

What is wrong with people? Hard to argue or understand ignorance.