Thursday, May 15, 2008

Important graduation information

Email received this morning:

Subject: Important graduation information

Congratulations to the Arts and Letters 2008 graduates! Since Arts and Letters is the first College to present its graduates and confer their degrees at the graduation , we have noticed that there is some uncertainty whether it is appropriate to cheer after the Dean confers the degrees (which he does en masse, not individually). The cheer that goes up from the Arts and Letters graduates generally pales in comparison to those offered by students in the other Colleges, who lose their timidity once the precedent to cheer, no matter how tepid, has been set. Please feel free to "send the volley cheer on high" once the dean has conferred the degrees. Let your voices be heard in celebration of your accomplishments, your friends, your families, your professors, and your College.

All my best to all of you,
Ava Preacher
Assistant Dean

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