Sunday, May 18, 2008

The End

Dear Readers,

I most regretfully announce my graduation from the University of Notre Dame.

Barely a few hours ago, I was granted a Bachelor of Arts.

As far as I can tell, this is my final blog post in the LaFortune Computer Cluster, where I have pulled numerous near-all-nighters this year. I will miss this place. Beside me types Darragh, former fearless Rover blog queen. She and I have spent many nights expending every ounce of life for the sake of our school work. We will miss our time spent together.

Last night I had a lengthy conversation with Gianna. She and I are pretty sure that there is no life after graduation from Notre Dame. Her sister, a 2006 grad, protested. We are pretty sure she's dead. By this reasoning I am dead. Yes, dead. Killed by sheepskin.


For those concerned for my mental health right now - you very well should be. After all our valedictorian did proclaim us all crazy.

For those of you concerned this is my final blog post - it's not. Trust me, there will be better posts in the next couple days. It's just my last blog post in the LaFortune Cluster. Ah! How I will miss this den.


Karlo M. Leonor said...

Mary Liz,

Congratulations on your graduation today! I can only imagine how exciting yet unsettling it is to be a graduate. Best wishes to you and God bless!


Zadok the Roman said...


Francesca Pio said...

Congratulations! (and condolences!)

H L said...

Greetings. To offer consolations- I would suggest that you return as a graduate
for your masters and Phd. Otherwise, consider that you are eminently tied to this place with its eminance as far as you are steadfast with your devotion to the Blessed Virgin. You have been an inspiration with your postings and other work at Notre Dame and
it is a great accomplishment to have your degree from this university under the mantle of Mary Immaculate keeper of Eternal Life and Truth.

Mike, 1982-2005 said...

Unfortunately, you are largely correct. My condolences.