Tuesday, July 29, 2008

LaFortune Love

I just saw 6 campus tours pass through LaFortune with in 5 minutes of each other.

Funny note: each of the male tour guides loudly and proudly highlighted the LaFortune Subway as the most visited Subway restaurant in the nation. None of the girls mentioned that factoid.



Johnny "Maniple Man" Domer said...

Girls don't mention Subway because Subway is under-appreciated by females and absolutely loved by males. Girls at Notre Dame do stupid things like put flax seed on their food; who, pray, can like subway and put flax seed on their food at the same time? I personally have developed a love of Subway, due to an almost total lack of any other decent food on campus, that is downright disordered.

Mike Roesch said...

After four years of Subway at high school and three at Notre Dame (stand in awe of one who remembers the days of Tomassito's Pizza and Allegro Subs), I am completely sick of Subway. By the end of college, I was really missing Allegro, actually. They had very chewy bread.

Robert Gotcher said...

I vote for the original Huddle grill. Now THAT is a blast from the past.