Thursday, February 26, 2009


In choir we're singing two of the lamentations set by Carpentras (or Genet). They're very beautiful and two of my favorite. Unfortunately, I've yet to find a nice recording of them. Along those lines, it's pretty difficult to find any recordings of any settings of the lamentations. Apparently people don't enjoy listening to such melancholic stuff. A while ago I found one CD by the Tallis Scholars, but that's all I've been able to get my hands on so far. (No I did not pay that price for it. Affordability and availability are the top two requirements for any of these recordings)

Does anyone have any recommendations? (again that are 1. available and 2. affordable)

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Anonymous said...

Greetings- I stumbled upon your blog somehow while procrastinating on writing my doctoral dissertation. IT is an inspiration to read in free time. About your question, I have found some recordings of lamentations on You tube- if you just write Lamentations in the search box you can find different composers and versions. Tallis, Lassus, de Cavelieri,de Marbrianus de Orto, R.Stroope, and Zelenka among others. They even have some Greek orthodox and byzantine versions.