Wednesday, February 25, 2009


A most dolorous Lent to you all!

As usual, a good number of my friends are forsaking internet pastimes during this holy season so that they can be more still and grow closer to God. I've been thinking that I should do the exact opposite for the same reason. Whenever I blog it forces me to be still and think - even if just for a few minutes.

I'll cut the introspection off right there, but hopefully I'll find more time to be more thoughtful and, even more importantly, take the time to share those thoughts.

My Lenten Blog Rules:
1. Post something of substance daily.
2. Posts must be constructive and charitable.
3. Whining, moping, complaining, etc is strictly forbidden.

So, gentle readers, I invite you to help me with this part of my Lenten discipline. Make sure to use some good old fraternal correction if I slip up! Most of all, I must learn the difference between wit/satire and spiteful mockery. It seems to be a fine line (I'm thinking back to the Center for Ethics and Culture's lecture series last semester 'Wit's way to Wisdom' and Ralph McInerny's scathing lecture on Baron Corvo.)


Anonymous said...

Daily. Daily? Daily?! Can't wait to be edified by your posts, MLW.

Margaret Mary said...

I too think "daily" would be pretty impressive! I'm looking forward to following along with you this Lent.