Sunday, March 08, 2009

Technology Fail

Well, this has been and epic week.

Within less than 168 hours I have managed to destroy my computer, iPod AND cell phone.

Please please please put me in a padded cell with nothing fragile, delicate or breakable. Maybe some tech company can hire me to be a product tester! If it can survive me, it can survive anything!


My iPod and computer fried each other when I went to charge my iPod. Then this morning, Matthias and I went out to brunch after Mass. As we were getting in the car to leave, he bent down and picked something up:
"Um. This isn't your cell phone is it?"

It was. The thing had been submerged in a puddle in the gutter next to the car for over an hour.

Keep the technology away from me!

Now of course, the downside of all this is that while some people have said "Oh God is just trying to tell you to give up technology for Lent" I really really think it's the exact opposite. The devil is trying to stop me from actually living up to my Lenten resolve. Let's revisit that right here.

My Lenten Blog Rules:
1. Post something of substance daily.
2. Posts must be constructive and charitable.
3. Whining, moping, complaining, etc is strictly forbidden.

Well, the devil's got the upper hand now apparently - because here I am breaking #3 like a frenzied bull in a china shop.

So what do I do now?

UPDATE: After having sat out and dried for sometime, I can happily report that my cell phone survived the incident! (Sort of) Most of the functions are intact. I can hear out of it, but the microphone isn't working. I think it's because it is the smallest opening so it will take longest to dry out.
My cell phone has actually been in water before (for a few seconds...stupid flowers and their stupid water for the definitely not stupid 40 Devotion last year)and the same thing happened. About 3 days after the water the phone was back to nearly-normal.

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Paul Cat said...

Maybe God is drawing you deeper into the desert (notice only 1 "S"). Naahhhh.