Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Weird Habits Meme

Well, both MaBeck and Anna tagged me so I guess I have to do this.

5 weird habits of an insane person, this shouldn't be too hard.

1. Random walks at random hours of the day (I just get restless)

2. While in the car, commenting on other people's driving in the first person plural in amused/sarcastic tones (e.g. well, I see we aren't appreciating the existence of turn signals today)

3. (using parentheses a lot when I type informally (like on my blog - though I've been trying not too) (is that a weird habit though? or just a bad habit?))

4. Switching between coffee and tea depending on my mood (most people I know seem to stick either one or the other)

*pause* *I ask my sister what she thinks are some weird habits of mine* Her response: "Everything...."
Fine then

5. My room is almost always in a constant state of horrible clutter and disarray. Every once in awhile I randomly go on cleaning binges and won't stop til the place is spotless


Now who to tag......

Clark, Thursday, Caitlyn, and Claire (who has been tagged by MaBeck too)


Ma Beck said...

Mary Liz doesn't post much anymore. :(
Must be because she's running from gym to gym and GNC to GNC
like every other person in Baltimore.

Mary Liz said...

Yeah, while I'm in Slim City I have to keep in shape...once I get closer to Chicago I'll take it easy and just sit around posting and gaining weight to fit in with everyone out there. :-p

Ma Beck said...

Slim City, LOL. You are gonna LOVE it when you move to Chicago. (And don't act like you're NOT moving to Chicago, because you know you'll end up here. Eventually, you'll hear the siren song of Giordano's and The Weiner's Circle and you won't be able to resist.
All we do is sitting around trying to figure out how to fit more cheese into our deep dish pizza, and trying to invent a larger beer cup.
Oh, and posting.
It freeking RULES!

Ma Beck said...

"All we do is sitting around..."

Duhhhh. And we don't talk so good neither. Duuuhhhhhhhhhh. (Drool.)

Thursday said...

Just started reading blogs again after my Christmas Break, my post will be up soon.
Yours in Christ,

Mary Liz said...

"Eventually, you'll hear the siren song "



Ma Beck said...

Mary Liz,
Do you think I should add extra mozzarella to this slice of deep dish before I batter and fry it,
or would a hunk of provolone be the answer?
Also, is it just me or do you also dip your deep fried deep dish in sour cream?
Dang. I got so excited thinking about it that I knocked over my Kahlua and cream.
I would clean it up, but it splattered pretty badly, and I'm pretty tired.
You know what? The dogs will get it eventually.
I'm just gonna fire up a Camel and blog about TV.
Your Pal,
Chicago Cathy

Mary Liz said...