Friday, June 20, 2008

Liturgical Laundry

Gianna emailed the Pious Sodality of Church Ladies tonight to make sure we had seen Fr. Z's post on the awesome forthcoming publication from Angelus Press about liturgical laundry

"All the various common linens are presented with descriptions of what they are for and what they might mean, for example in the case of the symbolic meaning of the amice, a vestment the priest uses during Mass.

"There are clear directions and also step by step drawings for how to fold the linens, which is very important, especially in the case of a corporal, which has the function of capturing particles of the Host which might have been missed.

Here is what we find on the contents page:

i Quick Reference Chart
ii The Purificator
iii The Corporal
iv The Pall
v The Lavabo Towel
vi The Amice
vii A Few Guidelines and Tips
viii Altar Linens
ix Glossary
ix Notes page

This little book provides a bit of direction for those ladies who are so generous
helping Holy Mother Church (and her sacristans) with laundering,
ironing, and mending."

Oh it looks like the most fantastic Pious Women Guide ever! I can't wait!

For your enjoyment, the conversation re this news:

Gianna: did you see that email I sent about the laundry guide?
Me: Yessss
Gianna: ahh, Angelus Press...
Me: it's really a wonderful thing, even if slightly schismatic on a bad day
Gianna: hey, laundry is laundry ;-P
Me: Oh no! Not Schismatic Laundry!! haha
Gianna: the scandal!!
Me: Terrible: "Excuse me ma'am, but I believe that chasuble just questioned the authority of the pope"
Gianna: ROFL

If anyone wants to get that little book for me when it comes out in July, let me know. Maybe I'll set up some starving-recent-college-grad Paypal donation button or Amazon Wishlist or something. Haha

I mean after all, THIS should never happen!

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