Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mid-Summer Update

This morning I was laughing over one of Drew's posts over at the Shrine and called my dad over to see it. He laughed and said "Yeah, I've already seen it. I was on yesterday. I was looking at your blog too, because you're never around and I never hear anything from you. I was hoping I'd find out what was going on in your life, but you haven't posted since June 20th!"

"Well," I replied, "I guess that's what's been going on in my life: dead silence."

In actuality, my life has not quite been dead silence.

The summer job situation panned out such that I'm working part time and taking a drawing class two nights out of the week to maintain my student status needed for that job. I'm still searching for a full time job for after the summer.

Keep that all in your prayers. I've been spending far too much time stressing about the situation while spending far too little time actually moving towards securing a job.

My social calendar has been keeping me on my toes. The recently ordained Fr. Zadok the Roman came to states to spend some time touring and visiting friends. His visit brought Matt down from NYC, and so I was able to spend some delightful time with Matt, Zadok, and Lauren (Cnytr), around D.C.

Then came a call from Johnny Domer who was in D.C. for a conference. Having a west-coast concept of geography he didn't understand that Baltimore and D.C. are within and hour and a half of each other. Furthermore, I don't live in Baltimore proper, so I'm only 45 minutes away. He thought for sure it was at least three hours or something. It was only at the urging of Gianna that he finally called. I chewed him out (of course) for thinking of not calling. In the end, we got together last Friday and ....no....let's try this again...

*in the teen girl squad voice*
FRiDAy me n JohNy went oN a reeeeaaaallly HOTT DAtE!!!!

And this is what jealous Gianna had to say to (the even more?) jealous Matthias about it:
It would seem that you and I have both been jilted. The only possible way to return balance to the world is for us to go to dinner and a movie together....or something like that. Hmm - we'll have to fix this somehow.(quote most shamelessly plundered off Facebook)

Now, anyone who actually knows any of us will know that it was not a date.

But, I did have the joy of showing him the Shrine and the Dominican House. Then we went up to Silver Spring for Chipotle, followed by ice cream for him and coffee for me. We finished off the night with WALL-E. If you haven't seen that movie yet, you should! - I'll save my review of WALL-E for another post.

You know what? I'm going to save the rest for most posts.

But I will end this one with a (mildly paraphrased) quote from Johnny upon our exit from the Shrine:
I can't believe it. We just saw that beautiful church and all we took pictures of were Babe Ruth's name on the wall, me being stupid, and a cutout of the Pope in the bookstore

High 5, B16!


Gianna said...

Wait - there was ice cream, too?? No one told me that! Now I'm really indignant.

Well, I guess you'll have to make it up to me with our own "date" soon. I'm badly in need of a girls' night.

Mary Liz said...

My family was watching Pride & Prejudice last night. I was so tempted to watch it - I wanted ice cream too. But then I thought that I just couldn't do that without you. So I still have some sense of loyalty left in me! :-P

Johnny Domer said...

Dear Hysterical Females (one of whom is Matthias),

You are hysterical, irrational, and in every way entirely ridiculous. That is all.

Raúl the Poolboy