Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mid-Summer Update - Part II

In Part I of my Mid-Summer Update I said that I would leave the rest for more posts - so here is more of that rest, and, in fact, most of the rest.

Above all, the highlights of my summer have thus far been the few days when I have seen Matthias.

Anyone who knows us know that we have a fondness for roadtrips.

We were on the great and glorious Legendary Roadtrip of 2007 together:

Matthias, myself, Seminarians Joseph & "Pat" getting ice cream in Cincinnati

Then there was the March for Life this January (which I have no real pictures from).

Then we went on the Random Roadtrip at the end of Spring Break:
Defined by my love of Starbucks and his of Quiznos?

Of course, to see each other over summer, some element of Roadtrip is only fitting.

I took the following pictures of Gettysburg for Matthias on my way up to a small town halfway between our homes:

Had I not been driving and had I not been in such a hurry, perhaps there would be more, but as it is, there are two (and another photo of the Adams County Courthouse that looks more like the reflection of my camera in the car window).

Besides, if I remember correctly I nearly killed the entire car on the '07 Roadtrip by trying to take a picture of the Covington Cathedral. :-/

Better to take pictures while on foot. So, Matthias and I found some amusing, very punny, signs once we were together:

This last picture we took for Homeless Bill. Bill, we circled the block multiple times to get this, we tried, we really did, and in the end none of them came out.
But here it is:

Richard and Indiana Streets!
We're sorry!

While we'll see each other before then (fortunately!), our next roadtrip isn't scheduled until August (Lucy and Drew's wedding!).

Stay turned for that! :-)

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